Two finger Page Scrolling in Ubuntu

If you have a laptop, there's a feature in Ubuntu 9.10 (not sure if it existed before but seems basic enough to be present in earlier versions) that lets you scroll a page vertically and  horizontally using two fingers. Mac users are probably already used to this feature.

To enable this, Click on System>Preferences>Mouse. Then choose the Touchpad tab. Here you have setting to enable Two finger scrolling or edge scrolling (default) or disable them both. Next to them is the option to enable horizontal scrolling (hardly ever needed)


How-to: Nokia N95 8Gb Album Art

This here is a short tip i found somewhere to automatically assign album art to albums on your N95 8gb (probably works on other sets too, please leave comments).

Check it out after after the jump.


Since i was restarting my blog i really wanted a good/light weight software for instant blogging, and I mostly use Ubuntu, upon googling i found a nice panel applet for my use, gnome-blog. It sticks to your panel and features 1-click blog posting. It's available in the default ubuntu repository or you could get the source from here. Btw this post was brought to you by gnome-blog too :P.

Canonical Server names

Nice names canonical chooses for it's servers

Spodtronic, The killer app for Nokia Mobiles.

This application is probably my favorite of all time. It's a Podcast, live radio, live concert and a mood based music program. You can search for your favorite genre and then narrow it down to location and listen to live great quality radio. I HIGHLY recommend this to all nokia symbian phone owners ! Get it now at Spodtronic

Benny Lava fights a barber ! Very hillarious Indian Tamil video

Absolutely Hilarious Indian Music Video - Watch more free videos

Top Marks to Dani for finding this sorta stuff for me :P

Update your Nokia N73 to music edition/Internet Edition

Update your Nokia N73 to music edition

Warning: This procedure might cause your phone to die or worse EXPLODE !! (kidding). Follow this procedure and you can change your regular nokia N73 to the Music Edition which comes with a new music player and the famous Moby Song "In my heart" as a ring tone.

Here's another post to change your Nokia N73 to the Internet Edition

Update Nokia N73 to Internet Edition

If you Do use these procedures please post your remarks/comments.

Opera Mini 4 Beta

This has been my favorite mobile application for quite a long time. If you've used the new Nokia oss Web Browser (launched on recent nokia phones) you'll find this beta version to be quite familiar as it provides almost full browser functionality (as the Nokia OSS browser) while reducing loading times to save mobile data costs. A must download application for every mobile user. For all you orkut'ers out there, try loading on opera mini and you'll be surprised it loads quite superbly.

Head to mini.opera.come/beta in your wap browser. Click and download the file.

Live Msn Messenger for Nokia S60 V3 Phones

If you just can't stay away from instant messengers, carry them with you. Link Below. You need a Nokia S60 3rd edition phone to install it.

Live Messenger For Nokia S60 3rd Edition Phones

For those of you running Linux machines and having an itch/need to run Internet explorer 5 or 6 on their machines for SOME reason ! Here's a really nice tool ! Gives simple to follow steps. I got it running !

Main Page - IEs4Linux

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